Louvre Windows & Facade Systems since 1990

The company was founded in 1990 by Gerd Schneider and Reinhard Nölke.

Since 2007, the company has been managed by Frank Schneider and Anke Schneider.


Over the years, we have continuously developed our Louvre windows at our headquarters in Altenglan. We have designed and produced our standard range of louvre windows and custom made solutions and delivered these to customers worldwide.


With a wide range of products, we are able to offer an cost effective solution meeting the requirements /needs of any project, regardless of size. The deciding factor is the continual improvement of the range of products of Schneider + Nölke. We have established our production techniques and have set our requirements extremely high in order to comply with your demands. Our Quality Management supports this enhancement and provides for a continuous improvement of our operational procedures. Our production with defined self-monitoring guarantees consistent high quality.


Our committed and motivated team is the key element to the success of our company. Trust, openness and competence are the indispensable elements in the development of such a team. These beliefs have characterized the corporate culture of our company from the outset. As well as the principle, to involve the employees in the development of the company and to make the information policy transparent. In recent years, these guidelines were expanded to a lively and vibrant corporate culture.


You may also benefit from our diligence, our reliability and our know-how, which is based on a knowledge that has been developed over the years.


Your satisfaction is our objective.




Schneider + Nölke

Lamellenfenster GmbH

Im Bächel 1

66885 Altenglan


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Fax:      +49 6381-47951

Member of „Institut für Fenstertechnik e.V.“